CATERPILLAR by Alison Carr



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27 - 29 SEPT

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“I expect the plummet, I brace, but no. The wind is now a breeze is now a whisper and I’ve stopped; suspended in the sky ...”


Claire played by Judith Amsenga 

Maeve played by Tricia Kelly

Simon played by Alan Mahon 


Written by Alison Carr

Directed by Yasmeen Arden 

Designed by Holly Pigott 

Lighting Design by Ben Jacobs

Sound by Jac Cooper

Stage Manager - Abi Toghill

Producer - Michelle Barnette

Design Assistant - Victoria Maytom

Set Builder - Liam Hill

Set Construction Crew - James Simmonds and Peter Maytom 

Produced by Small Truth Theatre in association with Michelle Barnette Productions  https://www.michellebarnette.com/

Bayview is the only B&B closed for business on the busiest weekend of the year in this faded seaside town. 

Greasy fish’n’chips, sticks of rock and a pot-bellied Spiderman has just thrown himself off the pier. The annual ‘Birdman’ competition is in full flight. 

Simon is here to compete and turns up looking for a bed for the night...but everything at Maeve’s beloved B&B is off kilter. Her daughter Claire is here to help or is she just making things worse? 

You see, there’s a fine line between flying and falling.

Caterpillar is a darkly funny, searing and tender drama about that moment when we find ourselves standing on the edge, do we dare to step off?

Caterpillar is written by the acclaimed Alison Carr and Directed by Yasmeen Arden for the Award Winning Small Truth Theatre. 

A finalist in the Theatre503 prestigious Playwriting Award, this is the world premiere of Caterpillar.

We are delighted that Caterpillar is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England

Caterpillar Production Shots - (C) The Other Richard & Alex Harvey-Brown


nest by Katy Warner

28 FEBRUARY - 04 MARCH 2018





"They made beautiful patterns in the sky and then just disappeared"

Jade is alone, always alone, until one night Liam accidently knocks on her door looking for a party. What he finds is more beautiful than he could ever imagine, yet it might just break them both.

Set against an isolated council estate, nest is the beautifully messy love story of two people forgotten by society, with nowhere left to turn but to each other. 

nest is written by award winning Australian playwright Katy Warner and was shortlisted from 1,600 plays as part of the prestigious Theatre503 Playwriting Award 2016 and also for the Live Theatre Live Lab Bursary 2017. 

Small Truth Theatre are proud to present the world premiere of this striking new play as part of the Vault Festival 2018. 

"Playwright Katy Warner must surely be one of the most exciting discoveries in Australian theatre to have emerged in recent memory" ***** The Music 

(Praise for Warner's play Spencer) 


Jade - Charlotte Jane Higgins

Liam - Arthur McBain


Written by Katy Warner 

Directed by Yasmeen Arden

Design by Holly Pigott

Lighting Design by Zoe Spurr

Sound Design by Jac Cooper

Design Assistant - Victoria Maytom

Stage Management - Isabella Brain

Produced by Robyn Bennett

Presented by Small Truth Theatre

nest is written by multi award winning Australian Writer Katy Warner   https://writtenbywarner.com/   

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Trailer for Nest

Background to NEST



“Yasmeen Arden’s production successfully conveys the shifts in the emotional texture of their relationship and makes good use of the space” Natasha Tripney, The Stage (for nest by Katy Warner) 

“Strong writing from Warner and stirring performances from Higgins and McBain ensure that Nest is one of the highlights of this year’s Vault Festival.” ★★★★ ½ Richard McGuire

"The attention to detail is very impressive...a moving and tender portrait of a group struggling to accept the changes their lives are going through" ★★★★  SoSo Gay Magazine (for Mirrorball by Anthony Bull) 

"immersive theatre at its least pretentious" ★★★★★ Little London Magazine (The Three Sillies, Arcola Theatre) 

"Genuinely brilliant, well-structured piece"…"Hilariously witty and entertaining throughout, a strong cast...a genuinely brilliant well-structured piece, it is as moving as it is entertaining” ★★★★ Female Arts (On The Line, Arcola Theatre)

Other Previous Productions

DEAD YARD by Matthew Turner

Directed by Yasmeen Arden

Produced by Fabia Turner

Design by Holly Pigott

Arcola Residency cast: Franc Ashman, Roger Griffiths, Karlina Grace-Paseda, Teri Ann Bobb-Baxter, Trieve Blackwood-Cambridge

We were incredibly proud to have been offered a week long residency at Arcola Theatre to develop Dead Yard by Matthew Turner - funded by Arts Council Grants for Arts and part of ArcolaLAB (ACE Sustained Theatre).


A West London Jamaican family is coming to terms with the loss of their beloved Pop-Pop. Following the family through the traditional ritual of nine nights mourning, this astounding new play puts a family’s grief under the spotlight.

DEAD YARD was part of ArcolaLab  - http://www.arcolatheatre.com/projects/p/arcolalab/ 

DEAD YARD was also selected for Arcola Theatre's PLAYWROUGHT new writing festival



ON THE LINE by Aled Pedrick

Directed by Yasmeen Arden 

Produced in association with Robin Linde Productions and Robyn Bennett

Cast: Charlotte Higgins, Judith Amsenga, Jeremy Hancock, Dominik Golding

Music by Kevin Potton & Jessica Dives

 “hilariously witty and entertaining throughout, hugely engaging. It’s genuinely a brilliant, well structured piece, A strong cast, it was as moving as it was entertaining” Female Arts  ****

"This immersive production is full of guts, glitterballs and… bingo.  Emotional and thought provoking. The 80s music that follows just tops the night off brilliantly." Princess Productions

Venue: Arcola Theatre, Ivy House and Platform Southwark (Merge Festival) Staged in 2016 

THE THREE SILLIES by the company

Directed by Yasmeen Arden

Produced by Jamie Arden & Scratchbuilt Productions

Cast: Nick Ash, Becky Kitter, Arran Glass, Alice Cade

Music by Apple of My Eye


 "This is immersive theatre at its least pretentious" Little London Magazine

"The production's greatest success is that it feels like everyone is enjoying themselves - each member of the audience and all the actors around them."   

"The fun of the fair is a brilliant set-up to a play’s worth of absolute silliness (done with absolute skill)". Children's Theatre Review.com 

Venue: Arcola Theatre, Proteus Creation Space and Somersault Festivals 

Staged in 2014, 2015 and 2016


Directed by Yasmeen Arden 

Produced by: Jamie Arden 

Cast included: Nick Ash, Lizzie Wort, Lewis Barfoot and Frank Wurzinger 

Performed on the wild streets of Watford

Commissioned as part of Imagine Watford Festival 

Venue: Imagine Watford Festival

Staged in 2015

LITTLE WHITE LIES by James Paul Avery

Small Truth Theatre's evening of short plays written by James Paul Avery 

Directed by Yasmeen Arden and Jonathan Holby

Produced by: Jamie Arden

Cast: Charlotte Higgins, Dan Connelly, Kevin Potton, Guy Warren-Thomas, Kristina Epenetos and Julia Faulkner

"It was a strong evening of theatre...Some great performances, original direction and insightful ideas. Overall, a beautiful and searing capturing of a life lived exclusively in waiting." Female Arts     

Venue: Waterloo East Theatre 

Staged in 2014 

MIRRORBALL by Anthony Bull

Directed by Yasmeen Arden 

Produced by: Jamie Arden

Cast James Robert Moore, Charlotte Higgins and Jonathan Holby 

"The attention to detail is very impressive...a moving and tender portrait of a group struggling to accept the changes their lives are going through" 

SoSo Gay Magazine ****   

Venue: Latitude Festival and Etcetera Theatre  

Staged in 2013

In development

CASSIE AND COREY by Christopher Hogg

Written by Christopher Hogg

Directed by Yasmeen Arden 

Production currently in development


Kensington Karavan 2019

Following the launch of the Kensington Karavan in December 2018 - as part of the Portobello Winter Weekends, Small Truth Theatre will be developing more exciting projects and productions inside its new micro Theatre. 

Come back soon for more info

In partnership with the Caravan Theatre and Robin Linde Productions