Small Truth Theatre are an award-winning theatre company based in North Kensington, 

led by Artistic Director Yasmeen Arden. 

Small Truth Theatre is proud of its working class roots and gives priority to working class artists and seldom heard stories, seeking the extraordinary in the ordinary; searching out moments of truth that often go unseen. 

Small Truth Theatre nurture relationships with professional artists to develop new work that is genuinely collaborative, detailed and experiential; often in non-traditional spaces for non-typical audiences.

Small Truth Theatre - Our Simple Truths

  1. We're interested in excellent plays that cast a light on the ordinary to discover and celebrate the extraordinary.
  2. We want to put on shows that discover moments of truth that often go unseen - giving voice to the seldom heard.
  3. We make work that is often in non-traditional spaces for non-typical theatre audiences - no matter what class. ethnic/cultural background or how much money you have in your pockets.
  4. We are known for our down to earth, honest approach, that is shared between actors and audiences in an open, democratic, live and communal space. 
  5. Making shows as a 'collective' is what we do - all in it together and ensuring we have a good time in the process.




"Yasmeen Arden Unearths a Sense of Belonging with Nest by Katy Warner"

In a recent interview with Miro Magazine, our Artistic Director Yasmeen Arden explains more about the work of Small Truth Theatre. 

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