Small Truth Theatre - Our Simple Truths

  • We're interested in excellent plays that cast a light on the ordinary to discover and celebrate the extraordinary.
  • We want to put on shows that discover moments of truth that often go unseen - giving voice to the seldom heard.
  • We make work that is often in non-traditional spaces for non-typical theatre audiences - no matter what class. ethnic/cultural background or how much money you have in your pockets.
  • We are known for our down to earth, honest approach, that is shared between actors and audiences in an open, democratic, live and communal space. 
  • Making shows as a 'collective' is what we do - all in it together and ensuring we have a good time in the process.


"Yasmeen Arden Unearths a Sense of Belonging with Nest by Katy Warner"

In a recent interview with Miro Magazine, our Artistic Director Yasmeen Arden explains more about the work of Small Truth Theatre. 

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